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Electrical Engineer and Interpol fan.
De Belém-Brasil.

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Interpol - Untitled


Untitled - Interpol (Black Sessions)


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Visions by Benoit Paillé

VISIONS: when my eye/mind focus on somethings
and take time to comtemplate, and all other disturbing
things disapaire, this is what I try to show you with this serie,
more close to painting than photography, maybe hyper real-realistic post-painting.  - Benoit Paillé
// selected by Mariana


chorus: Clouds on Mars, photographed by Mars Express, 20th December 2005.

Around 70°S 192°E on the southern Terra Sirenum; this composite is about 50 by 75km. Charlier Crater is partially seen at top. The clouds might be dust picked from the dark region below, but I’m not sure.

Composite of 8 images: 3 (red, green, and blue light) for colour, and 5 monochromatic (ish) in sequence for motion. The colours are probably more suggestive than naturalistic.

Image credit: ESA. Animation: AgeOfDestruction.

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