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Interpol - My Blue Supreme


When love comes, honey, show it. So many others blow it. This kind of shit don’t heal in a week.

Interpol - My Blue Supreme 

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"This adventure is made possible by generations of searchers strictly adherent to a simple set of rules. Test ideas by experiments and observations. Build on those ideas that pass the test. Reject the ones that fail. Follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything. Accept these terms, and the cosmos is yours."

- Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos

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No, I mean you move the TARDIS. Like Addams Family.

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Interpol @ The Paramount Theatre, Seattle
Photos by Josh Bis

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When you feel perpetually unmotivated, you start questioning your existence in an unhealthy way; everything becomes a pseudo intellectual question you have no interest in responding whatsoever. This whole process becomes your very skin and it does not merely affect you; it actually defines you. So, you see yourself as a shadowy figure unworthy of developing interest, unworthy of wondering about the world - profoundly unworthy in every sense and deeply absent in your very presence.


Saturn’s rings at maximum tilt toward Earth, March 2003, allowing the Hubble Space Telescope to get a rare glimpse of its southern hemisphere.


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Devin Leonardi, Manassas Junction, 2009

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